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Rental Terms


Driver's License and Age

Following rules apply for the minimum age and possession of a driver's license;
22 years and held license for a minimum of 2 years for BB, BD, BBA and BDA class vehicles

  • 25 years and held license for a minimum of 3 years for all vehicles excluding MD and MDA class
  • 27 years and held license for a minimum of 5 years for MD and MDA class vehicles

Rental Period
Rental period is at least 1 day (24 hours). For shorter leases, the daily price is applied. If the return of the vehicle is delayed, late fee of 1/3 of applied fee will be incurred for every additional hour and if the delay exceeds 3 hours the full day fee will be charged.

Rental Types and Tariff Info
Unlimited Km                  :  Daily fee is charged. No additional fee for Km.

Long Term Rental            : Special tariff is available for 1 month or longer rental periods.

For both of the rental types, oil replacement, maintenance and third party insurance guarantee (within the legal policy limits) are included in the rental fee. Fueling costs are paid by the renter.

Payment Terms
Payment will be charged prior to rental by a valid credit card or bank transfer.
Deposit (Credit Card Usage)
While renting a car, our customers are required to have a valid credit card issued on their behalf. Depending on the vehicle class a minimum pre-provision of 750 TL for economy class vehicles, 1000 TL for medium group vehicles and 1500 TL for upper group vehicles may be blocked from the credit card. (For Mercedes E200 series vehicles 1500 credit TL provision is blocked from each of two separate credit cards.)
Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW)
The renter is obliged to pay for the varying costs according to the vehicle class if the car is damaged. Provided that the traffic and alcohol reports are available, Collision Damage Waiver Insurance applied in all car rentals covers damage costs of 750 TL and above depending on the vehicle class and limited to the insurance coverage. The damages up to the preliminary amount mentioned above are not covered.
Tires, Windshield, Headlight Insurance (TWH)
Tires, Windshield, Headlight Insurance covers for the damages in tires, windshield and headlights.

Vehicle Class


Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

Tires, Windshield, Headlight

Full Motor Car Insurance

B Class

750 TL

20 TL/day

10 TL/day

25 TL/day

C Class

1000 TL

28 TL/ day

12 TL/day

32 TL/ day

D Class

1500 TL

30 TL/ day

15 TL/day

40 TL/ day

M Class

3000 TL

35 TL/ day

20 TL/day

50 TL/ day

Theft Insurance
In order Theft Insurance applied to all car rentals to be applied, the police report on the theft shall be received and the key and license of the vehicle must be delivered to the GRS car office within the 24 hours of the event. Otherwise, the renter will be liable for all material losses related to theft / loss.

Additional Driver
In order to have an additional driver valid identification, driver's license and the additional drivers’ signature is required in the rental contract and the daily additional driver fees must be paid. Failure to comply will results in invalid insurance and both the renter and the additional driver will be held liable for all damages.

Individual Life Insurance
Individual life insurance can be made with additional insurance premiums.
If vehicle is returned with a different level of fuel tank than the level of fuel tank mentioned at pick up, 30 TL + VAT "Service Fee" will be applied along with the fuel cost. Return of the vehicle with the fuel level at pick up time is much more economic for the renter.
For HGS usage in the passage of highways and bridges, usage fee and a service fee of 10 TL /rent are additionally charged. 
One Way Rentals
For rentals and returns in the cities where GRS Car Turkey branch is not available, additional distance fee is charged regarding the distance to the nearest GRS Car Turkey office and at a rate of 1.50 TL/km. 
Traffic Tickets
Traffic ticket costs are paid by the renter. Additional service fee of 20 TL + VAT is charged for traffic tickets paid by GRS Car. In case the car is discontinued from traffic, the additional daily fee will be charged. 
Departing Abroad
Vehicles are not allowed to travel outside the borders of Turkey.
Cancellation Policy
Total amount paid will be refunded to your credit card for cancellations within 24 hours of original rental time. 
For cancellations exceeding 24 hours of original rental time and cancellations without any notification, paid amount will be refunded with a deduction of 1 day rental fee.

Renter is liable for the following; provisions excluded in the general terms of insurance, the use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, outside the legal speed limits, drivers not listed on the rental contract, unavailable accident and alcohol reports and not returning the car to the nearest GRS Car Turkey office.

In case of an accident, contact the nearest police without changing the location of your vehicle and get the related accident and alcohol reports. Otherwise the insurance will be invalid and the renter will be liable for all damages and the material / moral damages to third parties. GRS Car reserves its right to change the rental fee and conditions and the type of vehicle booked without prior notice when it deems necessary.